The Seedling 

Excitement is growing about the market among all ages!  Stop by the Seedling Corner each week to color, relax, play and more!

CFM Development Poem 

May 2021 - Andrew DiBiasio

The Seedling

Off the tree

The leaf will blow

And find itself

On top of snow

Off the tree

The branch will fall

And find itself

Lost in the squall

“Off with the tree”

The cutter would say

And down the tree went

It’s final day

In the soil

The raindrops fell

Collecting on the dirt

in Nature’s Well

In the soil,

Sunshine bakes

Washing away

Snowy flakes

In the air

Seasons change

And a seedling sprouts

Out on the range

Though challenges

May prove hard

The seedling always grow

In our backyard

Smiles in the air, 

Sun on the nose,

Each day closer,

The seedling grows and grows

On June 13th,

Birds will sing,

Flowers will grow,

on everything!

When that sunny day

Reaches near

Children will happily shout:

“The tree is here!”